Backyard Chronicles-October 2016

I never know what I am going to find when I go up to feed the animals.  This morning, I stopped to say hello to Chloe, our barnyard cat, then checked our garden to see what was left.  I had a few tomatoes, plenty of swiss chard, and some herbs.  The chickens were fine, although, their run was pretty muddy.  Rosie, as always, ran around checking on everyone.

My next stop was to feed the sheep inside of the barn.  When I […]

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My Favorite Backyard Chronicles

If you have followed my blog about architecture for a while, you have also been introduced to my family’s micro farm.  Our children are in 4H, and they raise and show sheep.  We also have 20 chickens, 2 bunnies, 2 dogs and 3 barn cats. Although the ‘barn cats’ seem to have missed the memo, since they end up spending an equal amount of time in the house.  Chloe, our first barn cat, had her 6 kittens in my daughter’s bed […]

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Chloe Had 6 Kittens!

Our affectionate barn cat, who worked her way into being a member of the family, had 6 very cute kittens. When we first got Chloe, she lived in the barn.  After about 6 months, she subtlety let us know that she would also like to be a house cat by hanging on the screen of the kitchen window until we let her in.  She soon spent half her time in the barn and the other half in my oldest daughter’s […]

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