6 Renovations That Can Change the Way You Live in Your Home (Updated)

I have renovated and added to my own home for many reasons, including the fact I hated the existing kitchen.  I added a porch and a bedroom because I love porches and my oldest daughter needed a room of her own.  Many people renovate a home because no one thought to incorporate light or views in the original design.  Sometimes the existing home is outdated, dark, too small, poorly laid out, or all of the above.
In any case, some […]

6 Carriage House-Lofts

One of the most cost effective places to gain a bonus space is above a garage.  By picking up the roof a few feet when building a garage, you can gain usable space such as guest quarters, great storage, a painting studio, home theater, or an all purpose loft.  When we are designing a garage we always suggest adding those extra few feet of head room even if there are no immediate plans to finish it off.  Sometimes our clients ask us […]

4 Enlightened Windows

If a person’s eyes are the window to their souls, windows in a home give expression to the character and soul of that home.  Windows can be simple and utilitarian, they can focus attention on a special view, or they can dominate a wall.  When I say window I mean windows, doors, transoms, and walls of windows.  I live in an old home which has very regular simple windows.  I love them.  In my living room we have 12 […]

Fine Home Source 2013, Sept. 28th

I will be the first to admit, everyone doesn’t need a bowling alley.  But if you would like to see the latest in home bowling, come on out to Fine Home Source on September 28th and take a look.  This year we have some of the most broad ranging and professional vendors ever.  You can speak to the experts from Orvis Sandanona about learning how to fly fish or shoot sporting clays then talk to the folks at Dutchess Overhead Door […]

4 Pool Houses(Revisited)

Nothing says summer like kids splashing around in a pool–except perhaps an adult party centered around a pool on a balmy summer evening. In either case, a pool house makes everything easier.Whether the pool house is small and simple or includes a full kitchen and guest quarters, having a place to store cold drinks, towels and refreshments makes summer entertaining a lot more fun.

A pool house can be a place to access only the absolute necessities while enjoying the pool, […]

7 Metal Roofs

On a renovation we recently completed, the metal(tin) roof had a stamp on the back, the installer gave a 25 year guarantee.  The roof was a little worse for wear, but was not leaking.  The guarantee expired in 1905.

For most of us, the expected life of a metal roof is beyond our expiration date.  That is not true of most modern cedar shingle roofs which I have seen fail in less than 10 years(due to acid rain and fast […]

Berkshire Botanical Garden-Garden Folly

This winter, when it was hard to imagine spring flowers, we received a call from the Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  Crisp Architects had been selected along with three other architects to design a folly titled ‘Gimme Shelter: Architects Design for Shade’.  Proceeds of the exhibition and sale of the follies will benefit the garden and their many programs.

We had a lot of fun with a variety of ideas then settled on a classic garden folly archetype.  Lucky […]

The Garden and The Home (Updated)

The arrival of spring inspired me to revisit this blog from 2009, add some photos, and use the found time to plant my garden.  Please enjoy the weather and this visual reminder of spring!

A beautiful landscape can enhance any architectural project. A talented landscape architect, landscape designer or homeowner with a green thumb makes any project we design more beautiful. That partnership works even better when it begins early in the design process.

Architects spend a lot of time on […]

Our New Web Site

I am really excited to announce that after many months of hard work our web master Sven Nebelung completed our new and improved Crisp Architects web site.  Sven created the previous web page almost 10 years ago when a lot of people were using dial-up connections for the Internet.  At that time images needed to be small for quick loading.  Most of us have faster connections these days so we decided to enlarge all the photos and enhance the […]

5 Garage Door Solutions

Garage doors may seem to be a very mundane topic, not worth much thought in the overall scheme of home design, but in our office, that is not the case.  When you think about it, garage doors are quite large elements, which need to be worked into the composition of a building. Those considerations are important whether it is a stand-alone garage, garage/guest house, or a garage connected to a home.

We have designed 3” thick authentic swinging carriage house […]