Butler's Pantry View to Dining room

Butler’s Pantry View to Dining Room

Tis’ the season for big meals with plenty of friends and family.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a butler’s pantry to store all the dishes and serving platters, silverware, and glasses. In my house they are scattered from the kitchen to the dining room in cabinets and various hutches and servers.  When our clients ask that we include a butler’s pantry in their home, we jump on it since it makes entertaining so much easier and more organized.

The best location is between the kitchen and the dining room, and it is made for storage of serving ware and often is an intermediate stop between cooking the food and brining it to the table.  A butler’s pantry can be as simple as some cabinets and a countertop or as big as a whole room with wine storage, ice maker, sink and warming drawers.

In old English estates, sometimes the butlers slept in or next to the butler’s pantry to guard the silver ware and the wine.  We have not designed any Downton Abby style pantries yet, but the Lords and Ladies have our ear.

Butler's Pantry

Butler’s Pantry

Butler's Pantry/Wet Bar

Butler’s Pantry/Wet Bar

Butler's Pantry/Wet Bar

Butler’s Pantry/Wet Bar

Butler's Pantry/Counter

Butler’s Pantry/Counter

Butler's Pantry With Red Marble

Butler’s Pantry With Red Marble