Home Office with Transom Windows

A home office can consist of anything from a countertop with a plug for a laptop to the most elaborate command center worthy of a corporate titan.  To me the two most important characteristics of a home office is that it is a place you like to work and it helps you organize and  find the stuff you are working on.

Often our clients insist on a great view from their home office while others find a view too distracting.  There is no ‘right’ solution to a personal work space except one that helps you get the job done.

There can be a dichotomy between wanting to be part of family activity on the one hand and the need to concentrate on the other.  Sometimes a well placed set of pocket doors can create a reasonable balance.

Home Office With a View

There is only one consistent planning component, and that is the fact that technology will change continuously. It is easier to build in options for new cables, outlets and connections than it is to retrofit.

Home Office With Fireplace