3" Thick Swinging Doors

Garage doors may seem to be a very mundane topic, not worth much thought in the overall scheme of home design, but in our office, that is not the case.  When you think about it, garage doors are quite large elements, which need to be worked into the composition of a building. Those considerations are important whether it is a stand-alone garage, garage/guest house, or a garage connected to a home.

We have designed 3” thick authentic swinging carriage house doors for an owner who didn’t mind clearing the snow in the winter, and we have chosen ‘off the shelf’ doors to match our structures.  Most often we take an ‘off the shelf’ door and modify it with cross members or other details.

Doors With Modified Details

The proportions, details and colors of garage doors are as important as any element in the design of a home or accessory building.  We strive to make sure that the garage door style both matches and enhances the surrounding architecture.

Door Selected From Manufacturer

Doors Which Match Color and Details of Home

Simple Modified Doors