Fine Home Source Experts

Three years ago we gathered friends and colleagues in a huge tent to showcase their craftsmanship, their technology, and their art; we called it Fine Home Source.

The organizational feat is overseen by  our office manager and event planner, Lois.  Meanwhile, everyone else in the office does their part to make this a wonderful show, while maintaining our day jobs.

In one place you can talk to an engineer about geothermal heating and cooling, take a couple of steps and speak to a man who restores ancient Persian rugs, turn around and order a well made screen door that will last a lifetime, then kick the tires on a garden tractor.

What you won’t find is Ronco Vegimatics or vinyl-siding salesmen, you could learn about home audio/video systems, wine cellars, home elevators and plaster restoration.  There are too many talented, knowledgeable experts to mention here…so please visit the web page and come see us on Saturday, September 25th-10am to 5pm in Millbrook, New York.

We also have free birdhouse painting with nontoxic paint for the kids.

Bird House Painting