We will be checking in periodically with the progress made on the renovation of an eighteenth century farm house(actually an Inn) which was saved from slow deterioration by a young family who wanted to bring it back to life.  They are both artists and plan to include a painting studio in the master plan of the property.   Moving from Brooklyn to an old farmhouse took a great leap of faith.  Luckily for us, we were asked to help them through the long process of trying to understand how this house evolved and to make it work for their family.

The house had been added onto many times over the centuries, walls had been moved and structure compromised.  Dampness and over stressed beams had caused the plaster to release from the walls and ceilings.   We found issues from the foundation to the roof which needed to be addressed before reconstruction could begin.

Our charge was not to restore the existing layout (which didn’t work for anyone) but to take the existing building which had evolved to it’s present chaotic state, and make it work for this family.  At the same time the structure must be repaired, the whole house must be brought up to current standards of safety and energy efficiency while maintaining the farmhouse spirit.

Stay tuned for the details.